Dr. Farooqi, and his staffs are pleased to welcome you to our web site. It is our intention that this site provide you with any pertinent information you need regarding our medical practice.

The Clinic was established by Dr. Farooqi in the September of 2000. The Clinic is dedicated to your health, be it acute problems or chronic illness.

Dr. Farooqi is trained to treat a broad range of primary care conditions ranging from acute conditions such as colds (sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia), headaches or sprains to chronic medical illnesses including:

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol)
  • Diabetes, thyroid disorders, and asthma
  • Echocardiogram
  • Carotid doppler
  • Stress test
  • Physical exams
  • Complex hospital management
  • Pre-operation clearance
  • Post operation follow up
  • Flight physical class i, ii, iii with EKG
  • Disability examination
  • Pain management therapy
  • Artmrits treatment
  • School physical
  • Glucoma screening

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I had the pleasure to work with Dr Farooqi. I will recommend him to friends and family memberst

- Manager, YES Group John Smith